Blue Cottage of CannonDesign

In today's world of rapid innovation, organizations across all industries are continually being challenged to rethink everything as they strive to surpass competition, deliver value, manage risk, grow market share, develop alternative revenue streams, and well, that list goes on. Blue Cottage of CannonDesign is looking to hire people who are mind-blowingly good, really fun, and exceptionally kind.

Serving primarily healthcare, education and corporate/commercial clients, our team members consist of teachers, researchers, workplace strategists, nurses, business analysts, designers and other industry specialists. Although each team member and client is different, our approach is consistent: we harness analytics, research, strategy, and bold ideas to optimize current states and drive business model innovation well into the future.

A couple of things to know before you apply:

If you are a “by the book” person who likes to have a lot of information, can only move forward with all the data in hand, or who hates ambiguity, this is NOT the job for you. You must be a leader and an influencer to be considered for this position. We are looking for people who see the big picture, well beyond a single project or a single client. We want people who read healthcare blogs for fun, who can’t tolerate the inefficiency of TSA at the airport and stand there thinking about all the ways it could be improved – people who are innovative and flexible, and who aren’t wedded to one way (the “right” way) to apply Lean or any other tool. If you love to travel (like every week) and you love creative problem-solving in a fun, team-oriented environment, this may be the job for you.

Some additional things to consider:

  • We are looking for the cream of the crop – top of your game, best in class, 5-star reviews, highly sought after, wicked smart
  • Our highest paying positions require that you prove that you can generate work, do the work, lead the work, and wow clients everywhere.
  • We travel a ton. Really, a ton. You have to be able to travel a ton to work here.
  • We laugh a lot. If you want to work here, you have to be fun.
  • We are relentless in our pursuit of client adoration (not simply satisfaction). Consistent delivery of the best service in the country is what we are about.
  • We are passionate about transformation – we work with the best clients and seek to change the industry for the better.